As announced in Q1, a dedicated new AI Interest Group is currently in the formation stage, adding to our current portfolio of active interest groups. The mission of the AI Interest Group is to bring together key stakeholders in the AI ecosystem to provide a platform for collaborative dialogue on current technical and business challenges and opportunities as “Intelligence” becomes ubiquitous. An industry survey to assist in identifying potential key mission focus areas of interest was presented in Q1 to key AI eco-system stakeholder companies within the GSA membership. Subsequently, a small AI Interest Group Planning Advisory Group has been formed and the AI Interest Group mission foundation and key topics for focus are now being solidified for the formal launch of the AI Interest Group in Q3 this year. An introductory pre-launch webinar will be conducted to all interested members.  Core initial focus areas of interest being discussed and under planning review by The AI Planning Advisory Group is working with additional core initial members to further solidify the core areas of interest for the AI Interest Group as launch foundation principles, key areas include the below:

  • Governance and Security
  • Open AI
  • Top AI sectors for Semiconductor eco-systems new opportunities and revenue growth
  • Key Multi-Market Applications
    • Automotive
    • Data Center and Edge Services
    • AI technology optimizations for specific use cases by market (Examples: Natural language processing (NLP), Face recognition, voice recognition)
    • Industrial Production
    • Health Care
    • Aerospace and Defense
    • Telecommunications, Media and Entertainment
    • Consumer Products and Retail

We are excited about the immense potential value this interest group will bring to our membership and to many multi-market ecosystems. Stay tuned for more information regarding the launch of this group.

If you would like to learn more or join the GSA AI Interest Group, please contact:

About the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Interest Group

The new GSA AI Interest Group is being established to focus on developments in AI and Digital Transformation (DT). This group provides players from all parts of the AI ecosystem to discuss and collaborate on current technical and business challenges and opportunities as “Intelligence” becomes ubiquitous.

The mission is to provide a platform to identify topics common across the AI ecosystem and collaborate on solutions to materialize business opportunities. The group is not intended to set standards nor influence policy/regulations.