The formation of the new AI Interest Group is underway, with a core focus on AI and Digital Transformation (DT). As a key first step in the formation of any of our Interest Groups, we conducted a survey to GSA members, as well as key applicable ecosystem players to capture feedback on the focus areas for the Interest Group.

There was a strong response in the level of feedback and interest in being an active member of the AI Interest Group. Based on the feedback from the survey participants and additional input from key Research/Consulting entities and other multi-market non-centric semiconductor participants, the highest level of topical focus areas of interest are:

  • Governance and Security
    • Best industry practices and frameworks for minimizing deployment security risks
    • Security Models for manufacturing deployment
    • Governance models by market segment
  • Open AI
    • Future and impact of AI Open-Source frameworks
    • Open-Source AI key initiatives and collaboration
  • Business Challenges                       
    • AI strategy and technology decision making (R&D to Manufacturing Cycle Optimization)
    • Complex architectural models, massive multi-application datasets, large training costs
    • Productivity enhancements with AI implementation
    • Cost vs Revenue modelling and forecasting for AI and Digital Transformation planning and implementation
  • Top AI sectors for Semiconductor eco-systems new opportunities and revenue growth
    • Compute – Workload specific AI accelerators
    • Networking – Advanced infrastructure for data centers
  • Key Multi-Market Applications
    • Automotive
    • Data Center and Edge Services
    • AI technology optimizations for specific use cases by market (Examples: Natural language processing (NLP), Face recognition, voice recognition)
    • Industrial Production
    • Health Care
    • Aerospace and Defense
    • Telecommunications, Media and Entertainment
    • Consumer Products and Retail

We are extremely excited about the launch of the AI Interest Group and the immense potential value this Interest Group will bring to our membership and to many multi-market eco-systems!

If you would like to learn more or join the GSA AI Interest Group, please contact: