Every year or so, the Automotive Interest Group selects a new topic and develops it in collaboration with McKinsey & Company as a “project” over several months. The project’s topic is chosen to be important for the automotive industry but also relevant to the semiconductor ecosystem that supports it.

We recently concluded a project titled “Semiconductors for the Autonomous Age”: we are still finalizing the concluding report which we plan to share very soon with all our GSA members.

In the meantime, we worked to define the topic for a new automotive collaboration project which impacts, among other things, on matters of connectivity, computing, Cloud and security. We hope to have many of you involved in analyzing together over the coming months the:

Future of automotive computing: cloud vs. edge – With the rise of connected cars and increasing demand for compute and processing power in vehicles, OEMs start to experiment with hybrid applications running in the vehicle and on a cloud backend. The question if cloud backends can bear part of the processing power of vehicles in the mid-to-long-term will have significant impact on the electronics content of vehicles. We will look into assessing which type of operations could be run hybrid vs. fully on edge vs. on cloud, including intermediary concepts, e.g. local processing in 4G/5G towers to optimize latency. We will also look at the critical security aspects involved in any of these architectures.

Register here for October 28 at 2:00PM CEST, when we are planning our first workshop facilitated by McKinsey on this topic. There will be a strong virtual component to make participation easier for global experts and execs, but we also aim for a physical presence in Munich, for those of you who want to enjoy networking with peers again.

If you have not yet signed up to the Automotive Interest Group mailing, email automotive@gsaglobal.org and stay tuned for more details!

About the Automotive Interest Group

The GSA Automotive Interest Group is a neutral, global collaboration platform where automotive ecosystem executives and experts meet with peers, partners, suppliers, and customers to address common industry challenges together.

Every year we select an automotive-related topic to be developed in collaboration with McKinsey & Company as a “project”. The project’s topic is chosen to be important for the automotive industry but also relevant to the semiconductor ecosystem that supports it.

Collaboration projects developed in these past few years include:

  • Semiconductors for the Autonomous Age (2021)
  • Cybersecurity in Automotive (2020)
  • Automotive software and electronics 2030 (2019)
  • Rethinking car software and electronics architecture (2018)

Each collaboration project entails a specific project deliverable (a final written report or article), but great value comes to members also through active participation in the knowledge input process: a series of interviews, active workshops and surveys with many industry players / GSA members, plus desk research and market modelling by McKinsey. A final conference is usually organized to present the results and project steering is done by the GSA EMEA Leadership Council.

Please contact automotive@gsaglobal.org to be part of this or get more info.