Xiaoning Qi
Xiaoning QiVice President, Alibaba Group
Xiaoning Qi is the Vice President of Alibaba Group. Earlier he was CEO of C-Sky Systems which was acquired by Alibaba. Previously, he held senior management and technical positions in companies such as Intel, working on integrated circuit devices, micro-processor design and platform electrical design for semiconductor systems. Additionally, he was Chairman and President of the Chinese American Semiconductor Professional Association, USA. Currently, he is a member of Asia-Pacific Leadership Council, Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA), a member of the CEO Council, GSA and a board member of Embedded Microprocessor Benchmark Consortium (EEMBC). Xiaoning has published more than fifty technical papers, one book, one book chapter, more than two dozens of invited talks and holds two US patents. He is a reviewer for numerous IEEE Journals and international conferences. Xiaoning Qi received his Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University.
Kushagra Vaid
Kushagra VaidGeneral Manager and Distinguished Engineer – Azure Infrastructure Cloud+AI Division, Microsoft
Kushagra Vaid is the general manager and distinguished engineer for Hardware Infrastructure in the Microsoft Azure division. He is accountable for the architecture and design of compute and storage platforms, which are the foundation for Microsoft’s global cloud-scale services. He and his team have successfully delivered four generations of hyperscale cloud hardware that have been deployed at massive scale across a global fleet of datacenters hosting a diverse set of workloads such as public cloud (Microsoft Azure), machine learning, internet search (Bing), big data analytics, cloud gaming (Xbox Live) and online productivity (Office 365). These hyperscale system designs have been fully open sourced and contributed to the Open Compute Project (OCP). Vaid is an active participant in OCP and has influenced several aspects of OCP policy and system specifications. He has published several papers for international research conferences and holds over 30 patents in the field of computer architecture and datacenter design.

Before joining Microsoft, he was a principal engineer at Intel, where his responsibilities included driving the technology direction for Intel’s Xeon microprocessors and platforms. He started his career as a CPU design engineer and architected enterprise-class CPUs and platforms for over a decade at Intel.

Ganesh Venkat
Ganesh VenkatSenior Director of Autopilot Hardware, Tesla
Ganesh is currently the Senior Director of Autopilot Hardware at Tesla and where he has been since 2016. Prior to Telsa, Ganesh was the Senior Director of Design Engineering at AMD, with responsibility of leading many generations of CPU designs and products including Ryzen,Excavator,Piledriver, Bulldozer family of cores using bleeding edge process technologies and managed a design team of over 200 world class engineers. Ganesh got his masters degree from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi and has a bachelor of engineering in electronics from the University of Mumbai.
Haruyoshi Kumura
Haruyoshi KumuraExecutive Officer & Fellow, Nissan
Dr. Haruyoshi Kumura was appointed Fellow in charge of Technology Intelligence of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. in April 2009.
He graduated from Tokyo Institute of Technology, Master’s course of Mechanical Engineering in March of 1981 and joined Nissan Motor. After assuming several management positions in Nissan’s Powertrain and Environment Research Laboratory, he became General Manager in the laboratory in 2003. His appointment to Vice President in charge of Nissan Research Center in 2005 was quickly followed by his promotion to Corporate Vice President in 2006.

He holds a doctor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Yokohama National University.