Secure the IoT Ecosystem and Standardize IoT Usage with Silicon Licensing

By Jerome Rampon, CEO, Algodone Abstract Internet of Things (IoT) promises great business opportunities for the semiconductor companies, system integrators, and service providers. However, IoT security is a major concern to this promised growth because there are many weak security links in the IoT ecosystem. This article proposes a way to secure IoT devices and standardize IoT usage through silicon licensing. 1.  Introduction We are surrounded by IoT devices today. From connected household appliances, wearables, industrial robots, healthcare monitors, to smart cars, smart meters, and smartphones, billions of connected electronic devices are improving our lives and changing the world we Read More

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Smart sensors fulfilling the promise of the IoT

Paper submitted by Bosch The Internet of Things (IoT) is all about making life simpler and more exciting for consumers by interconnecting the world around them. But how can this promise of the IoT be fulfilled? In the world of IoT, microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) sensors form the backbone of the interface between the user and the multitudes of devices that surround us, such as smartphones, wearables, robots and drones. However, making devices able to sense and be connected is simply not enough to realize the grand promise of the IoT. The fact remains, that IoT will only be successful if Read More

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Architecting Faster, Cooler Less-Expensive IoT SoCs

Paper submitted by Atomera, Inc. The Internet of Things (IoT) is an extraordinarily competitive, crowded market. Any participant needs every possible advantage in order to stand out and succeed. Serious players are betting serious money on their ideas by developing ASICs and systems-on-a-chip (SoCs) for their new IoT devices. But these chips must meet stringent requirements in order to be competitive. > They must be low-cost. > They must consume as little energy as possible. > They will be mixed-signal SoCs It’s easy to think that the hottest, newest chips should be developed on the most advanced process nodes available at the time. Read More

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Monetizing Semiconductors From Silicon to Services

In 2016, Rambus published a think piece titled “Charting a New Course for Semiconductors.” The paper explored a diverse range of challenges faced by the industry, including increasing development costs, shrinking margins, market saturation and accelerating M&A activity. These challenges have only become more pronounced in 2018, as the newly consolidated semiconductor industry actively seeks a return to stability and organic growth within a viable and collaborative business paradigm. Consequently, companies are beginning to acknowledge the potential of new markets and downstream revenue opportunities as they explore a more comprehensive “silicon to services” model that spans the data center to Read More

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