AI-powered, hardware-based preemptive security is a game changer

Paper Submitted by Gopi Sirineni, CEO of Axiado Corporation and Prakash Sangam, Founder and Principal of Tantra Analyst Cybercrime cost an estimated $6 Trillion[1] a year to the global economy. Everybody claims security is their top priority. But sadly, during product design and implementation tradeoffs, performance and other considerations take the front seat and security often becomes an afterthought, and in most cases, after-the-fact. Even when implemented properly, today’s security architecture is static and limited to individual components of the system, lacking a holistic, system-wide approach. scenario to be verified. This description includes the expected outcome, and this outcome is Read More

AI-powered, hardware-based preemptive security is a game changer2023-02-24T16:52:33-06:00

The Cloud

By Axel Kloth, President & CEO at Scalable Systems Research Labs Inc. The Cloud is one of the most-used and least well understood concepts in modern IT. Secrecy and lack of definitions surround “The Cloud”. There is a lot of controversy about what “The Cloud” is and what it is not. Let’s start with what it is not. It is not a magic space in which applications run that cannot be made to run in any other data center. It is not a magic space that allows for linear scaling of performance with the number of processor cores deployed for Read More

The Cloud2023-02-24T20:14:39-06:00