The Cloud

By Axel Kloth, President & CEO at Scalable Systems Research Labs Inc. The Cloud is one of the most-used and least well understood concepts in modern IT. Secrecy and lack of definitions surround “The Cloud”. There is a lot of controversy about what “The Cloud” is and what it is not. Let’s start with what it is not. It is not a magic space in which applications run that cannot be made to run in any other data center. It is not a magic space that allows for linear scaling of performance with the number of processor cores deployed for Read More

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Artificial Intelligence in Automotive: Reprogramming the Future of Mobility with Deep Learning

Picture this: four people cradled inside a luxuriously appointed interior cabin, being transported safely to their destination in a self-driving vehicle. The autonomous car takes over for the most part, if not entirely, the function of driving, leaving passengers more time to spend as they see fit—with some already starting work with their mobile devices via in-car connectivity during slow-moving traffic. Throughout the city, the ride-sharing public is doing the same: hailing self-driving cars to get from place to place. Fantasy or fiction? No: this is the vision of carmakers for the self-driving vehicle of the future, in which the Read More

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Device Solution for Future Automotive: Autonomous and Driverless Vehicles

Abstract The semiconductor content in cars is projected to grow significantly as cars are being transformed into autonomous driverless vehicles. Today, a typical car contains $799 of electronics (including $353 of semiconductors) which is expected to grow to $886 ($386) by 2022[1]. This transformation is anticipated to change the way people navigate, access information, and interact with one another [2]. With pivotal challenges lying ahead for future automotive electronics, an evolution from semi-autonomous to fully-autonomous vehicles is expected. Designing and managing the car electronic systems to achieve those functions in mobility mode will depend heavily on complex semiconductor circuits and Read More

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China, Semiconductors and Some Implications

China's growing presence in technology is hard to ignore. But to date the direct impact on semiconductors has been minor. That is going to change in a big way. China’s impact on technology is impossible to ignore. Lenovo buying IBM's PC division in 2005 was perhaps the first symbol of China’s technology leadership: the exit of the PC’s inventor was symbolic and now Lenovo leads that space. That was followed last year by them buying the server business too. In communications infrastructure the success of Huawei and ZTE is hard to ignore; some people wrongly think they are “cheap followers” Read More

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Reducing IC Manufacturing Cost While Enhancing IoT Security

By some estimates, lithography now accounts for 50% of wafer cost. Since 2007 when 193nm immersion (193i) lithography reached its 80nm resolution limit, semiconductor lithography has undergone a series of seismic shifts: At 28nm node and below, leading IC companies have adopted unidirectional (1D) design layout style with “Lines and Cuts” to facilitate manufacture of advanced IC designs. At 20nm node and below, leading fabs are deploying “pitch splitting” (also called “pitch division”) using advanced deposition and etch technologies to achieve line-pitch resolution much smaller than the 80nm limit. At 14nm node and below, printing line-cuts and contact/via holes with Read More

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CEO Interview: Dr. Leo Li

Dr. Leo Li Chairman, President and CEO, Spreadtrum Communications Chairman, Global Semiconductor Alliance After earning your PhD degree at the University of Maryland, you had a successful career in the U.S. What made you decide to return to China and join Spreadtrum? After graduation, I worked at Ericsson Rockwell, Mobilink, Broadcom (through the Mobilink acquisition) and Magicomm, a company I founded. I was very fortunate to have a great career, and I had many opportunities to interact with customers and see how the world and the industry was transforming. Although, at the time, the cell phone chipset market was dominated Read More

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Little Sensors, Big Data Sensor Data for Wearables, Automobiles, and the Internet of Things

Michelle Kelsey, PLM, Sensor Solutions Division, Freescale, Inc. INTRODUCTION “Big Data” is here, but it is still in its adolescence and its growth is expected to continue. One of the main sources of big data may be the smallest components.  Sensors may be perceived to generate “little data”, but it adds up quickly. As Walmart claims to have access to “petabytes” of consumer data from 145 million Americans (more than 60 percent of U.S. adults), sensors are providing factors of 100 times that transaction data for the same consumers who are walking down the shopping aisles.  Unlike the data that Read More

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Private Showing – DecaWave

DecaWave is an Irish fabless semiconductor company headquartered in Dublin. DecaWave recently launched DW1000, a breakthrough Impulse Response Ultra Wide Band (IR-UWB) CMOS transceiver.   Based on the IEE 802.15.4-2011 standard, DW1000 enables precise distance measurement - indoors or outdoors - between radio nodes with better than 10 cm of accuracy, over ranges up to 250 m. This breakthrough has opened up a wide range of new possibilities in the many markets and applications relying on accurate location and positioning. These include: Industrial – suppliers of Real Time Location Systems for factories, hospitals and warehouses have been among the first to Read More

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