We are proud to announce that our CEO, Jodi Shelton will be taking part of the panel discussion for DSI’s 2022, Assured Microelectronics Summit on November 3rd.

Supply chain constraints have critically impacted production of semiconductors and other microelectronic systems. These disruptions have affected the availability of many goods upon which Americans rely including smartphones, computers, and automobiles. At the Assured Microelectronics Summit, attendees will hear from leaders across the DoD, Federal government, industry, and academic communities about how the US can overcome these challenges and reassert strategic dominance in the microelectronics sector.

Senior leaders within the federal government, DoD, and their industry partners have identified microelectronics as one of their top research and engineering modernization priorities and have recently added billions of dollars of funding through the CHIPS Act to be invested in this technology.

Attendees will hear from leaders and experts across the Federal Government, Industry, and microelectronics research and development communities about current challenges. Additionally, the Summit will also convene a panel of industry leaders to discuss how public-private partnerships can overcome supply chain disruptions and empower American innovation.