Dalia Vernikovsky is a highly accomplished senior executive with more than 30 years of success within semiconductor manufacturing prowess (and related industries), problem-solving and strategic thinking.

Currently, Dalia serves as Chief Executive Officer with Applied Seals N.A. Inc. in Fremont, CA, a role that brings to light her ability to develop the strategies required to develop a start-up with a strong sense of responsibility to her stakeholders as well as risk-mitigation yet drive towards the vision she created. Her skills create strong blueprints for sales and marketing, networking, and customer acquisition.

In addition to her executive career, Dalia serves as Head of the SEMI SCIS Committee (and developed the first of its kind Seal Standard for seals) and chairs the Leadership Forum for all Sub-components – a program recognized as a paradigm shift in this area and for which she was recognized as a star contributor and induction to the Hall of Fame for 2019. Dalia has been recognized for her success in managing a difficult development program and received personal recognition with a special award from Intel. In addition, she has multiple Leadership Awards and for Women in Technology (WIT). Dalia sits on the Advisory board of both ITPC as well as Kyto, a Silicon Valley Initiative. Dalia is on the Board of Directors for OHS with initiatives for both animal and human rehabilitation.

Dalia is the author of the book: Reflections III: The Magic beyond the Pain. an additional book into the insight of Business Acumen in development. Check out our interview with Dalia below:

Q: What personal projects will you be working on this weekend? Are you building anything cool?

A: Personal projects for Dalia normally involve some physical activity (embarking on hikes with friends) as staying active is essential; however, activity in volunteering or helping to save animals (or matching animals to people that can benefit from them (veterans, autistic children,etc) is one of my important goals.

Q: What advice would you give to early-career engineers/people wanting to get into your vertical market/people wanting to start a company in the current climate/etc? (You do not need to answer each of these, please select the one you prefer to answer and delete the others.)

A: Knowing that you will be challenged and making sure you have the drive, passion and patience with yourself to keep yourself motivated. Learning and educating yourself will become a central component of your success.

Q: What was your first job in the industry?

A: Actually came from the Aerospace market and was tasked to develop a new-found market the ‘Seal Industry’ had very little insight into as Chemically resistant materials are not fundamentally used in Aerospace.

Q: What advice would you give to your younger self? OR What advice do you wish you had when you graduated?

A: Laughing as I look back, patient is definitely not one of my virtues, but a realization that there are pros and cons to everything and every step is a step towards building a stronger understanding of how to manage and discern the building blocks of success.

Q: Who was (or is) your mentor? And, what is the best piece of advice you received from him/her?

A: Possibly the most important mentor was Helen Keller who took her disability and showed the world that a strong will and sense of purpose can overcome any challenge. Having all my sense and with drive and intent, keeping that sense o purpose and tenacity, I could achieve anything,- and lead in the manner that would have others follow with trust and belief.

Q: What personal technology could you not be without? (i.e., mobile phone, laptop, Alexa/Google Assistant, Oculus headset, exercise tracker, Peloton, etc.)

A: Mobile phone only for the purpose of staying in communication with family and friends

Q: What book do you read over and over again? OR What book are you currently reading?

A: Most readings include audibles with Ted talks on leadership and many positive people that are also offering their services for doing good and philanthropic contributions.

Q: What has been the highlight of your career to date?

A: The highlight has to be the pride I have in leading a team of incredible talented people who had enough faith and trust to follow me and today, a top contender as a formidable supplier to major OEM’s and End-users. That and the strong reputation we have built with commitment, hard work and dedication.

Q: Who has inspired you most in your life/career?

A: Not one person but those folks that lead non-profit organizations and sanctuaries; the commitment and passion, as well as fundamental financial and organizational prowess help to remind me how important that is in ANY category- non-profit or leading my team.

Q: What hobbies do you participate in outside of work, or what do you do with your free time?

A: I am a Black Belt in the art of US Martial Arts- something I am very proud to have achieved. That alone does not reflect the physical power;- it helps with the mental acumen that comes with that type of training. Other than that, I am a Director in an organization (Ohlone Humane Society) that works to help with programs to help the community to rescue animals (dogs, cats, rabbits as well as wildlife). This area continues to be one of my passions to bring the healing power of animals that need rescuing and then help people that will benefit from such programs.

Q: Who is your favorite musician, writer, or artist?

A: Whitney Houston was very inspiring and overcoming the many challenges along her too short career. Artist that support animals or chosen non-profits are all heroes in my vision.

Q: What is the biggest challenge you have faced in your career, and how did you overcome it?

A: The biggest challenge is nothing that has not been a challenge to many that follow the same or similar paths in any large, normally male-dominated industry to date. Women in the industries that are more ‘trail-blazers’ (as we are considered) with the tenacity and passion that are normal ‘driving attributes’ will often have more difficult roads to achieving success. When I started my career, it was not obvious but of course, I had to be better, more tenacity (God forbid if anyone knows me – that truly defines me!), more educated, more determined, more committed and more understanding of the leadership attributes I would master to be where I am today. Overcoming these challenges included with actions such as sticking to my vision, to my principles, learning from my experiences and being true to myself and my core values Also recognizing that you always continue to learn, to grow.

Q: What is something that would surprise people to know about you (secret talent, do you collect something unique, etc)?

A: I was going to go to art school- with an art scholarship😊