GSA’s new series, Get to Know the CEO, showcases some of the faces of our member companies, what they’re working on outside of work and the wisdom they have to impart on others in the industry. This month we interviewed Patricia Fermín de Moreno, CSO and Founder of Wiyo Technology.

What personal projects will you be working on this weekend? (Are you building anything cool?)  

Currently, I am working on the design of a digital application, connected to physical objects, at low cost and easy self-implementation, to help visually impaired people. The solution objective is to complete an end-to-end “LEGO-Designed*” Smart Home by the person itself.

By tagging any desired object, a programmed access point, and the use of their smartphone, they can vocally program the desired use and physical status (location, temperature, specs., etc.) of ANY tagged area, product, or object (including and not limited to medicine, clothes, households, washing machine, bedroom, etc.).  This project will bring an improvement on everyone’s quality of life by customizing their house’s traditional functionalities, into the best version of their Smart HOME.

What advice would you give to people wanting to start a company in the current climate?

The best advice I can give:

  • The only thing standing between your success and your idea is FEAR.
  • Understand the impact of your potential creation.
  • Design and create with passion and devotion.
  • Understand that not every “technical genius” is a “business genius,” so be humble and smart in selecting a business partner that cares and adds value to the business beyond the technical design.
  • Never think your creation is the best and only. In technology, time is your worst adversary and competition.
  • Stop at one point the technology evolution, first, be sure you have a Version 1, a Prototype for PoC ready, and then continue with your technical improvements. If you try to release a perfect V1, then the time for success might be over.
  • Technology is aggressive and pivoting your business model is part of the success.
  • JVs and Alliances are the key to success today.

What personal technology could you not be without?

My mobile phone.

Who is your favourite musician, writer, or artist?

I love to get lost and disconnected with Johann Sebastian Bach.

What is the biggest challenge you have faced in your career, and how did you overcome it?

My biggest challenge has been to be taken seriously, or even into consideration on disruptive business ideas and proposals, just for the fact that I am a woman, and for having a great sense of humour. I am a believer that if you are trying to make a business out of a creation, you must be the first one to show the benefits of working on a casual, peaceful, relaxing yet exciting and interesting environment… yes, an “exotic” combination. But in my experience, if you share this with your team, while leading the example of commitment, excellence and hard work, the results are just fantastic, only THEN, you stop having employees for a schedule, and start building a TEAM for a project.