Join us for the Automotive online workshop: “Zone and central computing for future automotive E/E architectures”

Moderated by McKinsey & Company, this online workshop will be on Nov 2nd at 3PM CET / 7AM US Pacific / 10PM China, email for more information or register here:

“In this new collaboration project between GSA and McKinsey & Company, we are analyzing the transition from a domain-based controller automotive E/E (Electrical/Electronic) architecture towards one designed around zonal and central controllers. The transition is currently in the plans and expected to roll-out between 2025 and 2030.

Along this journey, we will see a series of other consequences, including:

  • More powerful central compute nodes (node sizes <30nm)
  • Use of high-speed networks with new physical layer approaches (e.g., real-time enabled ethernet)
  • Emergence of smart fuses allowing for optimized power distribution
  • Decoupling of HW and SW
  • etc.