San Jose, California (April 3, 2019) – The Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA) is pleased to announce the appointment of the Board of Directors, including Chair and Vice Chair, for the GSA IoT Security Working Group.  Marc Canel, Vice President of Security, Arm, will Chair the group, working with Sami Nassar, Vice President of Cybersecurity, NXP, who is taking the Vice Chair role. The other participants of the five-member board are Henry Lee, Senior Vice President of Mobile Security, Samsung Electronics, Tom Katsioulas, Head of Business and Ecosystem for Trusted Silicon and Supply Chain, Mentor/ Siemens, and Shrikant Lohokare, Senior Vice President and Executive Director, GSA.

“I’m honored to be given the opportunity to chair the IoT Security Working Group board,” said Marc Canel. “We are taking an ecosystem view of IoT security and have established the GSA IoT Security Working Group to address end-to-end security issues across the value chain. It is comprised of various IoT business security stakeholders including chipset vendors, OEMs, platform companies, cloud vendors and service providers. The goal is to promote best practices on IoT Security, share information on threats and attacks, define security requirements and inform standards bodies.”

“In our connected world, security attack surfaces are scaling from chip to cloud along with the rapid growth and adoption of IoT, mandating a critical need for establishing a common understanding of how to identify and address threats.” said group vice chair Sami Nassar. “The IoT Security Working Group members recognize this, and I’m glad to be a part of providing solid solutions across all industries involved in the IoT ecosystem.”

“Effective security is essential to the future of technology and how it will transform our everyday lives. I’m excited this group has come out of GSA in a collaborative effort at a global level to take on key topics in IoT Security and help define requirements and best practices which benefit all actors in the IoT ecosystem.  It is an honor to be working with IoT Security experts and industry leaders like Marc, Sami, Henry, and Tom on this initiative” said Shrikant Lohokare.

The group has already identified some important project topics including Pre-Silicon Assessment, Identity Management, Provisioning, Trusted Supply Chain, and Virtualization. The workgroup will be undertaking future projects in Automotive Security and Silicon-as-a-Service as well. To date, stakeholders in the IoT security ecosystem from more than 50 companies have been involved.

About the GSA IoT Security Working Group Board of Directors

Marc Canel – Marc has extensive experience in the mobile device market, having driven software projects for the past 25 years with a focus on how mobile devices work within the enterprise sector. In his role at Arm, Marc is paving the way for the next generation of security architectures to become the foundation for enterprise applications in a connected world. He also promotes the definition of trust systems and standards for devices in the internet and defines the architecture for the next generation root of trust for applications in devices.

Sami Nassar – Sami is an industry-recognized digital security expert, speaker and technologist dedicated to driving data security, privacy standards and solutions across industries, including solutions for mobile payments, the Internet of Things and connected cars. Sami leads NXP’s cybersecurity solutions group. His diverse background has taken him around the globe, from founding startup companies in Silicon Valley to building and leading large international engineering and marketing teams with diverse cultural, functional and geographic backgrounds.

Henry Lee – Henry is responsible for product-related security for mobile, IoT and computing devices at Samsung Electronics. Prior to his current position, Henry worked for the Province of British Columbia, Canada, where he served in various information security positions including Director of Information Security for the Ministry of Justice and Senior Manager of Information Security Program for the Office of the Provincial CIO, where he worked on developing and managing the Information Security Program and the corporate Information Security Policy for the Government of British Columbia.

Tom Katsioulas – Tom drives strategy and alliances for trusted IoT device lifecycle management at Mentor, a Siemens Business, enabling suppliers to monitor their products in the supply chain, gather analytics on their usage, provide secure updates and securely provision their features in the field to enable Hardware-as-a-Service business models. His experience includes IoT Device Supply Chain Security & Trust, Enterprise Software, Product Lifecycle Management, Cloud & IoT Applications, Big Data Analytics, Microelectronics & Embedded Systems, High-Performance Computing, Machine Learning, Semiconductors and Electronic Design Automation.

Shrikant Lohokare – Shrikant leads global operations and strategy at GSA and drives collaborative initiatives in an expanded semi ecosystem and emerging markets such as IoT and Automotive.  He has more than 20 years of leadership experience in technology innovation, commercialization, new business incubation and scaling, operations, strategy and business development for Fortune 500 corporations, venture-backed startups, and non-profit organizations across diverse market domains.

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