GSA is now accepting nominations for the Rising Women in Semi Award. Please complete the following nomination form for the female leader who you believe is the most deserving of this prestigious award.

About the Award
The GSA Rising Women in Semi Award will recognize three to four female nominees who are considered rising leaders by their individual companies. These nominees should have made exceptional contributions toward the development, innovation, growth, and success of the semiconductor industry and made a huge impact during her time in the industry, which should be more than 10 years but less than 20 years.

*Please note that when considering the candidate’s years in the industry, any time spent away from the job for more than 6 consecutive months should not be accounted for, including any time spent pursuing further education.

Selection criteria
The Committee will evaluate the nominations based on the following Criteria:

  • The candidate must be female and currently working in the semiconductor industry.
  • The candidate must have a TECHNICAL background and education.
  • The candidate’s work experience should be no less than 10 years and no more than 20 years in the industry.
  • The candidate can be an Individual Contributor or People Manager.
  • The candidate’s technical expertise, accomplishments and contributions are impacting and advancing the semiconductor industry.
  • The candidate must be committed to helping and empowering other women in their company and the industry.
  • The candidate should exhibit creativity and innovation in solving problems or overcoming challenges.
  • The candidate demonstrates commitment to the highest ethical standards.
  • The candidate is a role model who is making a difference in the lives of others.
  • The candidate is on the path to become part of the leadership team.
  • The candidate’s company believes that she has the potential to become a leader in their organization or another company in the coming years.
  • The candidate can NOT have already been a finalist in previous years.

NOTE: Nomination forms limited to ONE per company. Please collaborate internally to determine the most eligible candidate for your company’s nomination. If we receive multiple nomination forms from your company, we will reach out to the nominators and ask them to confirm the chosen nomination.

Award Selection Process:
Nominees will be reviewed and evaluated by an Awards Committee and narrowed down to the top three or four candidates to become official nominees of the award. This prestigious award will be presented at the WISH (Women in Semiconductor Hardware) Conference. The nominee and her company agree to allow GSA and GSA WLI to use the nominees image and company logo in promotional materials for this award and WISH Conference.

Award Presentation:

The Rising Women in Semi Award will be announced at GSA’s WISH Conference.

Submission Form Deadline: June 21, 2024

GSA Contact:

Submissions can be completed using our online submission form or this document template. Please complete and return to GSA.

If you have any questions about Rising Women in Semi Award or the submission process, contact Traci Brandon.

Traci Brandon
T 972.866.7579 ext. 151