About the Award
GSA’s Private Awards Committee, comprised of venture capitalists and select serial entrepreneurs in the industry, selects up to two winners of the Start-up to Watch Award by identifying the semiconductor company (or companies) that demonstrates the potential to positively change its market or the semiconductor industry, in general, through the innovative use of semiconductor technology or a new application for semiconductor technology.

The GSA Private Awards Committee has been tasked with evaluating each application submitted to determine the finalists. If your company is selected as a nominee, your CEO must make a presentation about your company at the GSA Private Awards Council meeting to be held In September in California (Bay Area). Note that if we are unable to meet in person due to the pandemic, these presentations will be held virtually.

Award Criteria:

  • Company must be a semiconductor company (Fabless or IDM) that designs and manufactures ICs (internally or externally). GSA classifies IP companies and design services as supplier partners; therefore, IP and design service suppliers are not eligible.
  • Company must be privately held.
  • Company must NOT have achieved greater than or equal to $20 million of cumulative product revenue (i.e., cumulative product revenue since market introduction).

Submission Form Deadline: The deadline to submit a form is June 14, 2024.

GSA Contact

Submissions can be completed using our online submission form or this document template. Please complete and return to GSA. Emails should be addressed to:

Traci Brandon
T: 972.866.7579 ext. 151
E: tbrandon@gsaglobal.org