Financial Analysis

GSA offers in-depth financial analysis to enable semiconductor companies to track performance via industry peers, spot trends, and forecast market health with the following items.

Dan Niles’ Quarterly Economic Review

Dan Niles, Chief Investment Officer at Alpha One Capital Partners, has partnered with GSA since 2009 to provide a series of webinar sessions that allow our most important global CEOs, CFOs and other executives to monitor the industry’s position in the cycle. Each quarter he provides updates on his economic outlook for the technology industry, providing a number of issues affecting the semiconductor market and where we are in terms of a cycle.

Global Semiconductor Financial Tracker

This quarterly report highlights the financial performance of semiconductor companies. Also included is a quarterly Excel spreadsheet that contains more than 5,000 financial data points such as revenue, net income and market capitalization, for 240 semiconductor companies.

GSA Market Watch

To provide the industry with timely data on semiconductor investment activity, GSA releases a quarterly fifteen-page update and a downloadable Excel spreadsheet of all funding, initial public offering (IPO), and merger and acquisition (M&A) activity for fabless companies, IDMs and semiconductor suppliers.