Since the launch of the Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA) Intellectual Property (IP) Interest Group, the group has expanded to over 50 companies actively meeting to engage in collaborative dialogue to address the challenges and explore business opportunities for the semiconductor IP industry. The following are some of the valuable resources that have been shared and discussed at the bi-monthly meetings.

  • End-to-End IP Protection
  • Monetization models of IP
  • IP related Security Insights
  • Data Assurance for Multi-Party Assets

The group has identified and assembled a project on the topic of protecting IP throughout IoT ecosystems. This is a recurring theme and request from the actors in the industry and a multi-faceted problem which starts in the foundry of the silicon and goes all the way to the distribution of the products. Data and meta-data generated by IoT devices can be considered as IP as it enables the development of artificial intelligence systems based upon machine learning. The project is looking into the full end to end enablement of IP protection based on an overall scheme to manage Identity of the devices.

  • The identity of the silicon is the root of an overall scheme to track the various elements of the device, all the way to its data.
  • The identity of the device is enabled and managed through standardized protocols such as the ones defined by the FIDO Alliance
  • These protocols create a framework enabling authentication services that will guarantee the origin of the data generated by the devices
  • Data itself becomes IP that requires protection as it creates through machine learning the analytics systems to manage the devices

From this analysis, the IP Interest Group sees the value of an overall end to end strategy to manage identity in the IoT systems and all the way to the data center in the networks and the cloud.  The group plans to write a whitepaper that describes this end-to-end strategy.

About the GSA IP Interest Group
The GSA IP Interest Group is a neutral, global collaboration platform where industry leaders and experts in semiconductor IP meet with peers, partners, suppliers, and customers to address common industry challenges and opportunities. The group hosts dedicated workshops and events to foster discussion, share ideas on new IP models and new business opportunities. Collaboration takes place both during these events and through moderated working groups on chosen topics. Working groups are global and cover all geographies: North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific.

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