IP Traceability whitepaper overview:

To be trusted by applications in the cloud, data generated by IoT devices needs to be tagged by identifiers tracking the device and the IP that generated this data. Data that can be traced back to the device that created it cannot be trusted.

Given the fragmentation of the IoT industry, it is imperative for the actors in the supply chain to adopt the initiatives standardizing the identity of devices and their blocks of IP. The document outlines the evolution in the technologies to bind a block of IP with a unique identifier. It describes the options for generating the identifier and the potential for authentication services

IP Management whitepaper overview:

To provide secure operations, devices and their individual blocks of IP need to integrate the process to manage them. Devices require parametrization and configuration of their blocks of IP. Their software needs to be updated. The system needs to provide a secure and over-the-air mechanism to dynamically bind the devices to the cloud applications, 

As in the case of the identity of the devices, the fragmentation of the IoT industry is challenging the harmonization of the device management tasks. Cooperation between the key supply chain actors via standards organization plays a key role in the development of a secure ecosystem of IoT devices.