Global Semiconductor Alliance has recently launched the Intellectual Property (IP) Interest Group to explore IP related topics and areas of interest to member companies, and promote evolutionary concepts for the semiconductor industry.

The GSA IP Interest Group is a neutral, global collaboration platform where executives and experts in semiconductor IP meet with peers, partners, suppliers, and customers to address common industry challenges and opportunities. The group hosts dedicated workshops and events to foster discussion, share ideas on new IP models and new business opportunities. Collaboration takes place both during these events and through moderated working groups on chosen topics. Working groups are global and cover all geographies: North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific

The Interest Group produces and collects high-quality articles, reports and other resources that we share with GSA IP active participants and members. Some of the topics that the IP Interest Group has identified for discussion are;

  • IP Traceability – Identity and tracing usage of product in end applications
  • Industry Consolidation – M&A and the impact to IP
  • Open-Source Hardware – Industry trends and impact of open-source hardware
  • Monetization of IP

One of the products of the Interest Group will be a collaborative project deliverable on specific topics (whitepaper, report, or article) for distribution to GSA members and the expanded semiconductor ecosystem. Members of the Interest Group will also benefit from the active participation in the thought exchange and the knowledge input process during the group meetings and workshops with other industry players and GSA members developing these deliverables.

The next IP Interest group is scheduled for Thursday, April 8 at 8am US Pacific Time. If you are interested in attending this meeting, please contact Shungo Saito at

For more information, please contact Shungo Saito at