Sondrel (Holdings) plc (AIM: SND), is pleased to announce the appointment of Anthony Fernandez as its new COO. He joins from Refeyn where he was CEO and before that he was VP Asia Pacific for Teledyne Technologies.

Graham Curren, Sondrel’s CEO, said, “Sondrel continues to grow its capability since the IPO to fulfil new orders for our full-service ASIC offering of Design and Supply. This means that we are recruiting across the board to build our teams to handle more customer projects. We have always prided ourselves in having highly integrated teams with years of specialist experience. Anthony is perfect for the role of our new COO as he understands the complexities of managing teams and growing them whilst still maintaining that essential team spirit.”

Anthony Fernandez, Sondrel’s new COO, added, “I am thrilled to be joining Sondrel at this exciting stage of its growth where it is offering a service to customers that is in high demand. Companies must have state-of-the-art chips to maintain their competitive advantage but it is increasingly hard to design these ultra-complex chips in house. It needs an experienced team of designers and sophisticated software, both of which are expensive. Hence the growing number of companies coming to Sondrel to outsource not only the design but also the entire manufacturing chain. Companies also want to simplify supply chains and are using Sondrel as we are able to provide UK-based management of complex, global supply chains.”