Powerful new Arm processors will enable Sondrel to create next generation of cutting edge, ultra-complex ASICs
Reading, UK – 17 October 2023. Sondrel (AIM: SND) is pleased to announce that it is one of the founding members of Arm® Total Design, an ecosystem that is committed to bringing Arm Neoverse™ CSS-based designs to market. Arm Neoverse CSS features high-end Arm Neoverse cores that are designed for infrastructure and datacentre applications and play to Sondrel’s strength of design and supply of high performance, complex ASICs that will be crucial for customers wanting to rapidly bring such products to market.

Graham Curren, Sondrel’s CEO said, “We specialise in ultra-complex ASIC designs on leading nodes. These new high-performance cores will enable us to design next generation chips for demanding, compute intensive applications. Crucially, we are one of the few partners to offer a full, turnkey service from concept through every stage to final chips, which provides customers with peace of mind that their multi-million-dollar investment in a new chip project will progress smoothly with every stage being handled by our in-house experts. As always, we look forward to collaborating closely with Arm to turn customers’ innovative ideas into silicon.”

Mohamed Awad, senior vice president and general manager at Arm, commented, “Arm Total Design will make custom silicon more accessible than ever by leveraging the expertise of critical industry players in all areas of SoC development. Sondrel is a valued, long-standing Arm partner, having delivered hundreds of projects using Arm cores. We look forward to continuing our work together in realizing the full potential of Arm Neoverse CSS-based solutions.”