Canada, 01/04/2024 – Demos will showcase Primax’s breakthrough innovations in gaming and esports peripherals powered by SPARK Ultra-Wideband (UWB) wireless technology

Montreal, Canada, January 4, 2024 – SPARK Microsystems, a Canadian fabless semiconductor company specializing in next-generation short-range wireless communications, is partnering with Primax to demonstrate the future of high-performance wireless gaming peripherals at CES 2024. Leveraging SPARK Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology to deliver superior gameplay responsiveness, Primax’s next generation mice combine the freedom of wireless connectivity with the performance attributes of wired gaming devices for gamers seeking the utmost competitive advantage.

SPARK UWB breaks the performance barrier for wireless gaming peripherals by delivering polling rate performance up to 8,000 Hz, and 150 microseconds latency data transfer that is as important as the polling rate. In the gaming arena, this ensures that players stay perfectly in sync with the on-screen action for faster responsiveness and superior gaming performance. It also allows for rich sensor data to be transferred from the mouse in real time without affecting the fidelity of the data, unlike other wireless technologies. SPARK UWB sidesteps the signal congestion and interference issues common to Bluetooth and proprietary 2.4 GHz connectivity and features an extremely low power profile to help ensure long uptime between device charges for uninterrupted gameplay.

“At Primax, we’re excited to showcase our collaboration with SPARK Microsystems at CES 2024. This strategic partnership underscores our dedication to pushing the boundaries of innovation in gaming peripherals,” said Sam Chan, Senior RD Director at Primax. “By combining our design expertise with SPARK’s cutting-edge UWB technology, we introduce a groundbreaking gaming mouse with an unprecedented response rate. This marks a significant milestone as we redefine the standards for responsiveness in the gaming experience. Get ready for a new era of high-performance gaming peripherals.”

CES 2024 attendees are invited to visit Westgate, booth 1713, to preview Primax’s next generation gaming mice featuring SPARK UWB wireless technology. For more information or to schedule a private demo session in advance, contact

“SPARK is proud to showcase our innovations at CES 2024 alongside Primax, a respected industry leader in high-performance gaming hardware design,” said Raphael Mehrbians, CMO, SPARK Microsystems. “By harnessing SPARK UWB technology in its next generation designs, Primax is equipping gamers to achieve new levels of gameplay performance when compared to legacy wireless leveraging Bluetooth and 2.4 GHz radio connectivity.”

SPARK’s UWB technology is poised to transform several short-range wireless applications, including consumer audio devices ranging from wireless headphones and headsets to speaker systems. With SPARK UWB Audio technology, these devices can combine the convenience of wireless with the unparalleled audio quality and low latency advantages of wired connectivity. SPARK UWB technology supports high data throughput, enabling the transmission of lossless audio that retains the quality of the original audio source as it was intended to sound – uncompromised by compression or degradation.

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SPARK Microsystems is building next generation short-range wireless communication devices. SPARK UWB provides high data rate and very low latency wireless communication links at an ultra-low power profile, making it ideal for personal area networks (PANs) used in mobile, consumer and IoT-connected products. Leveraging patented technologies, SPARK Microsystems strives to minimize and ultimately eliminate wires and batteries from a wide range of applications. For more information, please visit

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