Canada, 01/04/2024 – Demos will showcase XPG’s end-to-end ecosystem of gaming mice, keyboards and headsets powered by SPARK Ultra-Wideband (UWB) wireless technology

Montreal, Canada, January 4, 2024 – SPARK Microsystems, a Canadian fabless semiconductor company specializing in next-generation short-range wireless communications, is partnering with XPG at CES 2024 to demonstrate the next evolution in wireless connectivity for gaming and esports peripherals.

Leveraging SPARK Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology to deliver superior gameplay responsiveness from mouse to keyboard to headset, XPG’s next generation MOJO gaming technology enables a new level of gaming performance that’s unachievable with legacy Bluetooth and proprietary 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity. XPG’s end-to-end ecosystem of gaming peripherals combines the freedom of wireless connectivity with the performance attributes of wired gaming devices for gamers seeking to sharpen their competitive edge.

The breakthrough performance delivered with SPARK UWB short-range wireless connectivity enables a full ecosystem of XPG gaming peripherals using a single USB dongle. Individually, XPG’s wireless esports peripherals deliver best in class performance such as mouse polling rate at 8,000 Hz, 0.5 milliseconds latency keyboard responsiveness, and headsets enabling high quality, uncompressed audio with less than 5 ms latency (from TX to RX).

These advantages ensure that gamers stay perfectly in sync with the on-screen action for faster responsiveness and superior gaming performance, complemented with a gaming audio experience that’s considerably more detailed than what’s possible with legacy connectivity, with improved microphone/voice quality for clearer communication with teammates and competitors. SPARK UWB also sidesteps the signal congestion and interference issues common to Bluetooth and proprietary 2.4 GHz connectivity, and features an extremely low power consumption up to 1.7 times longer than XPG Alpha Wireless to help ensure long uptime between device charges for uninterrupted gameplay.

“After years of evaluations, we finally found a partner in SPARK that can truly enable our vision of a smart ecosystem of devices that interact with each other in multiple ways, not only to deliver professional esports levels of wireless low latency, but also giving us the chance to solve fundamental quests like ease of setup and stability,” said Luca Di Fiore, Head of Products at Xtreme Performance Gear. “XPG MOJO delivers on being the most advanced wireless ecosystem of gaming devices in the industry, openly challenging today’s blazoned brands.”

“SPARK is proud to showcase our innovations at CES 2024 alongside XPG, a visionary leader in high-performance gaming peripherals and components,” said Raphael Mehrbians, CMO, SPARK Microsystems. “By harnessing SPARK UWB technology throughout its product ecosystem, XPG is equipping gamers with a series of wireless peripherals to achieve – for the first time – wireless freedom of movement with zero compromises in latency, responsiveness or audio quality.”

SPARK’s UWB technology is poised to transform several short-range wireless applications, including consumer audio devices ranging from wireless headphones and headsets to speaker systems. With SPARK UWB, these devices can combine the convenience of wireless with the unparalleled audio quality and low latency advantages of wired connectivity. SPARK UWB technology supports high data throughput, enabling the transmission of lossless audio that retains the quality of the original audio source as it was intended to sound – uncompromised by compression or degradation.

CES 2024 attendees are invited to visit Venetian, Titian #2306 to preview XPG’s next generation gaming peripherals featuring SPARK UWB wireless technology. For more information or to schedule a private demo session in advance, contact XPG Brand Marketing – Media Relations at

About XPG

XPG (XTREME PERFORMANCE GEAR) was established by ADATA to provide high-performance products to gamers, esports pros, and tech enthusiasts. We are committed to developing products that deliver extreme performance and therefore work closely with the gaming and esports community to gain insight into the real needs of users. We provide a full range of products from systems, components, peripherals to devices, and create them with the highest standards of stability, reliability, and performance in mind. We also develop products with sheer, cool designs that have earned us several prestigious international awards, such as iF Design and Good Design. Beyond products, we play an active role in sponsoring and supporting esports events and teams globally to realize extreme gaming experiences at the highest levels.

About SPARK Microsystems

SPARK Microsystems is building next generation short-range wireless communication devices. SPARK UWB provides high data rate and very low latency wireless communication links at an ultra-low power profile, making it ideal for personal area networks (PANs) used in mobile, consumer and IoT-connected products. Leveraging patented technologies, SPARK Microsystems strives to minimize and ultimately eliminate wires and batteries from a wide range of applications. For more information, please visit

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