New Cisco 800G Innovations Help to Supercharge the Internet for the Future by Improving Networking Economics and Sustainability for Service Providers and Cloud Providers

Cisco’s new 28.8T / 36 x 800G line card, powered by the Cisco Silicon One P100 ASIC, is up to 6x more space efficient compared to current 400G solutions, supporting up to 15 Tbps per Rack Unit. Using Cisco 8000 Series Routers with the new line card, service providers and cloud providers can realize up to 83% space savings and up to 68% power savings migrating from 400G to 800G for IP backbone, metro core, and data centers supporting AI/ML workloads. New software innovations such as IOS XR Path Tracing and Crosswork Network Automation enhancements improve network visibility, insights, and Read More