Written by Sharawn Connors | Vice President of Diversity, Equality & Inclusion, Micron Technology

A company’s vision statement sets the course for what it aspires to be. As the world becomes more reliant on data and on the memory and storage that activates data, Micron’s expertise in this technology and role in the industry are even more essential.

We are using our influence to contribute, not only as innovators but as global stewards, to a more equitable world. To that end, Micron has added “for all” to the end of our vision statement: “Transforming how the world uses information to enrich life for all.”

The significance of this powerful and intentional addition builds on Micron’s brand promise and highlights our commitment to equality and inclusion. “For all” embodies not just who we are, but also what we do.

The memory and solutions we create power the computers, phones, cars and technology millions of humans use every day. From artificial intelligence to 5G, the intelligence Micron enables must include design that enriches life for all, not just for some.

This means we are inclusive in how we collaborate to drive technology. We want the technology we create to be for all researchers, companies and innovators to enable the next discovery, lead to the next cure, keep us connected and keep us inspired.

“For all” also embodies Micron’s values as a company and supports the continuing journey we’ve embarked on to create opportunities for everyone and extend that vision to the communities in which we live, work and play. Micron believes collaboration across our diverse workforce is the key to unlocking our strength and innovation. Our vision statement should reflect that too.

Creating technology “for all”

Micron is part of a vast ecosystem of customers, suppliers, partners and team members. We are keenly aware that the best results are achieved and the greatest breakthroughs in technological innovation and discovery are made when we all work together to bridge divides, both digital and social.

I also see this collaboration in action in the global response to the COVID-19 pandemic. When Micron increased our charitable team member match to a two-to-one match, it led to over $10 million in team member giving — even before the corporate match!

In further support of our ecosystem, Micron is providing in-kind support by accelerating payments to small business suppliers and donating facilities and supplies for emergency medical response. These actions have allowed many of our smaller suppliers to stay in business and continue working with us to deliver on our promise of world-class memory and storage solutions.

Creating opportunity “for all”

Micron’s business leadership team is committed to using our influence and resources to create positive change — both inside the company and in the communities we are proud to call home. We know we need to increase the diversity of our leaders and within our technical roles, and we aim to make progress in these areas. Last year, the company hired its first vice president of Diversity, Equality & Inclusion (and I’m honored to serve in that role) and more than doubled Hispanic representation in senior leadership ranks. To that end, we are growing our employee resource groups (ERGs) with the addition of new groups, including the Black Employee Network; Capable, which supports team members with visible and invisible disabilities; and Mosaic, which celebrates multiculturalism. And we celebrate our LGBTQ+ populations around the world, including our newest PRIDE+ Allies ERG in India. In addition, we are expanding our inclusive hiring efforts globally with greater outreach to colleges and universities that serve populations of Blacks, Hispanics and women.

This year, Micron gave nearly $1 million to the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund through a combination of a grant and a two-to-one match of Micron team member donations. The grant will be used to aid front-line organizations focused on ensuring basic human needs, empowerment and education for marginalized individuals and families.

So, while the addition of the words “for all” at the end of the Micron vision statement may seem like a minor gesture, our actions are backing up those words in a major way. We are working relentlessly to make sure that “for all” means that our technology is indeed for all and our corporate brand and values embrace everyone.


Sharawn Connors is the Vice President of Diversity, Equality & Inclusion at Micron Technology and responsible for attracting and supporting a highly diverse and talented workforce around the globe. She also serves as an adjunct professor and as a mentor to first generation and underrepresented college students. Connors holds a bachelor’s degree in history from the California State University and a master’s degree in human resource management from the Golden Gate University, San Francisco.