Kristine Raabe

The award celebration was produced very well … very engaging for a virtual event.  Loved the international feel and hearing from some companies I was not familiar with.  Hopefully we will be able to be in person for the next event.

Kristine Raabe2022-05-18T11:42:16-05:00

Sophia Hong

Congratulations with the great award ceremony today. It was very seamless and those video edits were amazing. Can wait to participate the event in person next year.

Sophia Hong2022-05-18T11:42:32-05:00

Russ Garcia

It was one of the better virtual events I've been to. Thanks for all the support from the GSA!

Russ Garcia2022-05-18T11:40:48-05:00

Stacey Keegan

Such a well-produced virtual event. Kudos to the entire Global Semiconductor Alliance team!

Stacey Keegan2022-05-18T11:36:35-05:00

Dr. Walden “Wally” C. Rhines

2021 Dr. Morris Chang Exemplary Leadership Award Recipient: The GSA Awards Dinner Celebration is the reunion and recognition event that I most look forward to each year.  Almost everyone who is connected to the semiconductor industry attends.  While we could only have a virtual event in 2021, the unique software made social interaction easy and the presentations were, as always, delightful and informative.  I look forward to joining the Awards Dinner in 2022 when we can all come together in person again.

Dr. Walden “Wally” C. Rhines2022-05-18T11:34:38-05:00