AI-powered, hardware-based preemptive security is a game changer

Paper Submitted by Gopi Sirineni, CEO of Axiado Corporation and Prakash Sangam, Founder and Principal of Tantra Analyst Cybercrime cost an estimated $6 Trillion[1] a year to the global economy. Everybody claims security is their top priority. But sadly, during product design and implementation tradeoffs, performance and other considerations take the front seat and security often becomes an afterthought, and in most cases, after-the-fact. Even when implemented properly, today’s security architecture is static and limited to individual components of the system, lacking a holistic, system-wide approach. scenario to be verified. This description includes the expected outcome, and this outcome is Read More

AI-powered, hardware-based preemptive security is a game changer2023-02-24T16:52:33-06:00

Semiconductor Verification for New-Wave AI Cloud Devices

Paper Submitted by Dave Kelf, Vice President of Marketing and Chief Marketing Officer, Breker Verification Systems The advent of cloud computing has opened new opportunities for extensive data processing. Coupling cloud-based Internet of Things (IoT) solutions with Artificial Intelligence (AI) has enabled a panoply of application opportunities. Highway control, winery growth patterns, automated surveillance all represent diverse examples. The use of AI semiconductors that can apply Machine Learning (ML) to accelerate these applications is key. Be they part of the cloud infrastructure, or operating on the IoT edge, AI provides automated analysis never before possible. AI companies and projects have Read More

Semiconductor Verification for New-Wave AI Cloud Devices2023-02-24T20:09:39-06:00

Ambient Intelligence and the Future of Semiconductor Design

The trajectory of electronics technology over the past half century is clear: Moore’s Law scaling, the explosion of software and ubiquitous networks have combined to change all communication, all industrial operations and all media completely and irrevocably.  We casually label all these changes with the phrase “intelligent systems”, implying human-like characteristics to these systems, but the label is misleading.   Our phones, our laptops, our Wi-Fi connections, our social media sites, may be built by and channel human intelligence, but their behavior cannot truly mimic human behaviors or rival human intellectual strengths.  The phrase “ambient intelligence” has been tossed around in Read More

Ambient Intelligence and the Future of Semiconductor Design2023-02-24T16:52:38-06:00

The Heartbeat of Ambient Intelligence

Time – the fourth dimension – is often overlooked in the conversation about intelligent systems and anticipated emergence of ambient intelligence (AmI). As the IoT evolves into AmI, intelligence will be applied to make systems smarter, predictive, adaptive and more helpful in our everyday lives. However, without a time base, these systems will not be useful and AmI cannot be achieved. A heartbeat is essential for any human or electrical system to function. Clocks, which act as the system’s heartbeat, are fundamental on many levels. First, clocks bring systems alive and keep them operating at the required speed. Second, precise Read More

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Consumer and Automotive Camera Video Processor (CVP) Challenges

In the consumer IoT camera market, there is an ongoing trend to wider angles, fisheye and even 360 degree fields-of-view with ever higher resolutions.  Figure 1 shows a small sample of IoT cameras in the market including home security (Withings and Dlink), baby cams (Philips Advent), 360 cameras (Zmer One) and Sports Cameras (GoPro).  The critical needs are excellent video compression to reduce bandwidth, low power, and the ability to have multiple views from one video stream. Figure 1:  A Sample of GEO IoT Customers Currently in Production Automotive CVP Markets: The automotive viewing camera market includes cameras Read More

Consumer and Automotive Camera Video Processor (CVP) Challenges2023-02-24T16:59:14-06:00

Smart Optimization to Help Machines See Better

In recent discussions with leading automotive, AR/VR, and semiconductor providers, I was struck by how quickly artificial intelligence and computer vision had converged to become so core to their business value. It also strengthened my appreciation for the challenges they faced in developing and deploying these nascent technologies. Over a few short years, artificial intelligence (AI) has moved from fiction and academic research to increasingly being part of our personal and professional lives. And more specifically as it pertains to machine learning, the diversity of markets and applications that have recently been enabled is truly impressive. In medicine, a collaboration Read More

Smart Optimization to Help Machines See Better2023-02-24T20:10:12-06:00