Management Of IP

Published by the GSA IP Interest Group | The objective of this document is to present the need for common schemes to manage devices and their sub-elements, bind them dynamically to applications and manage them during their lifecycle. Multiple initiatives led by industry actors across the value chains and the supply chains are establishing common schemes to identify devices, bind them to cloud applications and manage them. International standards have come together with the support and the active involvement of companies worldwide recognizing the need for cooperation around fundamental concepts such as Identity and security.

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End To End Traceability Of IP

Published by the GSA IP Interest Group | This document will describe the importance of having trustworthy data and metadata from IoT devices to applications. Cloud companies and device vendors see the need to break down walled gardens to enable growth across the whole marketplace. Collaboration removes inefficiencies in the supply chains and adds security to the parametrization and authentication of the IoT devices. It enables competition and creates opportunities across markets and supply chains for all participants in the IoT market.

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The Functional Verification Quandary Facing the Semiconductor Industry

Dr. Ashish Darbari Founder and CEO Axiomise The Semiconductor Industry profile is changing dramatically. Hardware has a newfound prominence on the world stage and the industry is no longer dominated by traditional semiconductor giants. Instead, an increasing number of software companies, including tech giants Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Tesla, not known previously to be in the chip development business, have their own dedicated hardware development teams. With the advent of open-source architectures, bringing up silicon using an open-source framework and tools is slowly becoming mainstream. Chip design is getting easier. Functional verification is not. The 2020 Wilson Research Read More

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