Global Semiconductor Industry Outlook 2023

Industry leaders are optimistic about semiconductor revenue growth in 2023 as automotive takes the pole position as the most important revenue driver and the easing of the semiconductor shortage is in sight for most products. However, according to a survey of global semiconductor executives conducted by GSA and KPMG, major forces of pressure on today’s global semiconductor market include the supply/demand imbalance, talent shortage, geopolitical risks, and other macroeconomic factors. Download the Global Semiconductor Industry Outlook 2023 report to gain insight into financial, strategic, and operational trends, issues, and agenda items across the industry and ecosystem. Download Read More

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Pandemic Effects on Semiconductors 2021

Pandemic Effects on Semiconductor Supply Chains and Workforces 2021 - Insights from KPMG and GSA The COVID-19 pandemic forced significant changes on the semiconductor industry. After the shutdowns of early 2020, strong demand collided with constrained capacity. Semiconductor companies had to adjust supply chains and, like other employers, adapt to the new reality of remote work. Surveys conducted by KPMG and the Global Semiconductor Alliance during 2020 and 2021 illuminate important themes that characterize the industry response: Most semiconductor executives have invested in programs that improved employees’ safety and productivity. Despite income lost due to Read More

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Global Semiconductor Industry Outlook 2022

Check out the highlights of the annual Global Semiconductor Industry Outlook for 2023. Stay tuned for the full publication in Q1 2023. The 17th annual KPMG Global Semiconductor Industry Outlook features key findings from a survey of 152 semiconductor professionals and was conducted in conjunction with the Global Semiconductor Alliance. Industry confidence for 2022 is at an all-time high. This is despite production capacity constraints that most industry insiders feel will cause the chip shortage to extend into 2023. In order to better meet future demand, the majority (53%) of semiconductor leaders say their organization Read More

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The Impact of COVID-19 on the Semiconductor Industry | KPMG & GSA

The Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA) and KPMG  have collaborated and conducted a pulse survey on The impact of COVID-19 on the semiconductor industry. COVID-19 has caused semiconductor leaders to mobilize quickly and make decisions for the short term with long term implications that might not be fully understood yet. As global supply chains and the workings of day-to-day businesses are disrupted, many semiconductor leaders are focusing on resilience measures, and ensuring that risks are anticipated and managed for both employees and customers. Discover guidance that can help semiconductor leaders gain perspective and better understand the business implications of COVID-19. Download Read More

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Globality and Complexity of the Semiconductor Ecosystem

Globality and Complexity of the Semiconductor Ecosystem - Accenture and GSA Study The Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA) and Accenture have teamed up to conduct a joint study of the globality and complexity of the semiconductor ecosystem to explore the interdependencies and benefits of the cross-border partnerships required to produce semiconductors, as well as to illustrate what is needed to keep this global ecosystem operating efficiently and profitably. This study includes: Analysis of the prevailing global trends in material procurement, supply chain, and manufacturing across the semiconductor industry Interviews with C-suite executives at leading global semiconductor Read More

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