Globality and Complexity of the Semiconductor Ecosystem – Accenture and GSA Study

The Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA) and Accenture have teamed up to conduct a joint study of the globality and complexity of the semiconductor ecosystem to explore the interdependencies and benefits of the cross-border partnerships required to produce semiconductors, as well as to illustrate what is needed to keep this global ecosystem operating efficiently and profitably. This study includes:

  • Analysis of the prevailing global trends in material procurement, supply chain, and manufacturing across the semiconductor industry

  • Interviews with C-suite executives at leading global semiconductor companies to understand and gather examples on how the global nature of the semiconductor industry impacts their strategic direction

Additionally, A Letter from GSA CEO & Co-Founder Jodi Shelton encourages industry executives to use this study to inform their company strategies, as well as to educate non-semiconductor partners, including policymakers, on the nature of their business to promote a better understanding of the important role semiconductors play in everyday life and on the globe-spanning ecosystem that is needed to produce them.