The New Era of Connectivity Driving Digital Transformation

Register Now   Overview The rollout of 5G technology empowers the next wave of digital transformation. 5G offers ultrafast data rates, massive traffic capacity, and extremely low latency — all of which promises a new era of digital transformation globally. As a game-changer for semiconductors, this new generation of connectivity has unlocked applications for business opportunities, such as autonomous vehicles, internet of mobility, AI/IoT, edge technologies, safer/smarter home, factories and cities and so on. Enterprises need to align their roadmap to a 5G-enabled technology evolution with effectively planned use cases to lead to the next horizon. From manufacturing points of Read More

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Sustainability For Semiconductors

  “Architecting for Sustainability” - AWS is focused on efficiency in every aspect of our infrastructure, and builders can accelerate the sustainability of their workloads through optimization and informed architecture patterns. This session will cover Amazon’s commitment to innovating in sustainability as the organization works toward Amazon’s goal of achieving net-zero carbon by 2040.  Following Ms. Yasay’s opening architecture presentation on sustainability,  she will be joined by other industry leaders to discuss their companies’ commitment to sustainability and how collectively, we can work to reduce the energy and carbon impact of the semiconductor industry and ecosystem. Speakers: Donna Yasay, Senior Leader, Solutions Read More

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Diversity Increases Profitability

What management can do to accelerate diversity? Panel discussion: Moderator: Sumati Pandya, Director, Business Development at SambaNova Systems Sumati Pandya has extensive business development and sales experience including 13 years at Arm Inc. Currently she is Dir. of Business Development with SambaNova responsible for developing and executing strategy for hyperscalers. Prior to SambaNova she was VP of Strategic Sales at Falkonry, an AI company. She has also spent many years in the IP industry, Semiconductor equipment industry and began her career with the world's largest defense contractor, Lockheed Martin. Sumati is a member of the Women's Entrepreneurial Committee for the Read More

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