GSA, in collaboration with KPMG, surveys semiconductor executives from across geographies, company sizes, and industry segments to provide an annual Global Semiconductor Industry Outlook. This year’s results are presented in a series of three reports. Part 1 focuses on finance/operations, Part 2 focuses on growth products/applications, and Part 3 focuses on strategic priorities/industry issues. Available now to download, the reports highlight the aggregated responses of 195 senior executives at semiconductor companies globally. Some key findings are below.

Key Findings

  • To mitigate tariff risk, 58% of senior executives say they and their customers are considering some type of supply chain operational response. Top actions include sourcing vendors from new geographies not impacted by tariffs and establishing incremental manufacturing and assembly locations away from markets subject to tariffs.

  • 73% of respondents expect the size of their workforce to increase.

  • Technology convergence and interaction in new, innovative ways is creating new opportunities and business models in the semiconductor industry.

  • Universal standards and regulations on new technologies would be a boon for semiconductor companies, allowing them to make their production processes more efficient.

  • Innovation and expanded R&D ranked as the clear top strategic priority of semiconductor companies over the next three years.

  • Territorialism was virtually tied with talent management (37% vs. 36%) as the top industry issue.