GSA provides an opportunity for our members to form individual working groups to address technical and business challenges unique to their specific ecosystem. 

GSA’s industry- and technology-specific working groups discuss common issues and concerns, accelerate technology and increase efficiency.


AMS WG Meeting
August 20, 2014
San Jose, CA

Supply Chain WG Meeting
August 21, 2014
Santa Clara, CA

MEMS WG Meeting
Tuesday, September 9, 2014
Santa Clara, CA

Quality WG Meeting
Thursday September 11, 2014
Milpitas, CA, USA

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Release of Industry Wide Alignment on ESD Foundry Parameters

Protection for ESD robustness is a critical concern for any IC design, which is clearly dependent on the underlying frontend technology. A group of experts from foundries, IC design companies, IP vendors and EDA vendors have recently published a Technical Report under the umbrella of ESD Association, which describes the essential basic electrical parameters, which should be shared between foundries and design teams of their customers to ensure a safe and efficient implementation of ESD protection concepts. The Technical Report ESD TR22.0.01-14 can be found here.

Free access to Wafer & Assembly Pricing Reports

The 3Q14 Wafer & Assembly Pricing Survey is open until August 24.  The survey measures wafer and assembly services pricing, providing insightful data for comparison and trend analysis.  Your participation provides free access to the online, interactive results, a $3000 annual value.


MEMS Product Design Documentation Quality Checklist
MEMS designers require additional information from the foundry than their CMOS counterparts.  Team is developing a Quality Checklist for Product Design Documentation to ensure MEMS designers are able to gather required information more easily.

IP Source Selection Tool
Risk analysis and understanding is critical in determining the source (Internal New, Internal Existing, Third Party) of required IP for your next design.  Team is developing an interactive tool to aide this analysis for popular IP blocks.

Merger & Acquisition Due Diligence for Supply Chain, Operations, and Manufacturing
M&A are a fact of life in the semiconductor industry.  Everyone has, or will likely experience this during their career.  This transition can be less painful if we use lessons learned from previous M&A to generate due diligence checklists.  The Supply Chain team is currently generating checklists to guide the process.  Draft documentation can be found here.


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