GSA provides an opportunity for our members to form individual working groups to address technical and business challenges unique to their specific ecosystem. 

GSA’s industry- and technology-specific working groups discuss common issues and concerns, accelerate technology and increase efficiency.


4Q15 Quality Meeting
Wednesday December 9
Milpitas, CA

4Q15 MEMS Meeting
Thursday December 10, 2015
Santa Clara, CA

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MEPTEC- The Great Miniaturization: Systems and Packaging November 10, 2015
Device integration and especially advanced packaging drive electronics systems personal mobility – in your pocket, on your wrist, inside your body, in your home, in your car dash board, almost everywhere. These systems must sense, collect process data, communicate, and manage its use of power. As these electronics proliferate, highly-integrated electronic systems all the way to the cloud must accommodate this tsunami of data produced by mobile, wearable, and remote sensing. Packaging technologies, manufacturing solutions, as well as the business models that support production must evolve to meet the challenges that this new era of mobile miniaturization will produce.

New Product Introduction

Introducing new products that meet your intended market window with the right features and cost structure is critical to overall success.  We are developing New Product Introduction (NPI) guidelines, looking at all phases of product introduction, from Feasibility to Ramp to Production. We will define best practices and requirements for passing development gates.


IP Source Selection Tool
Risk analysis and mitigation is critical in determining the source (Internal New, Internal Existing, Third Party) of required IP for your next design.  Two versions of this tool are now available, a generic version, and a version for SerDes acquisition.


MEMS Product Design Documentation Quality Checklist
MEMS designers require additional information from the foundry than their CMOS counterparts.  Team is developing a Quality Checklist for Product Design Documentation to ensure MEMS designers are able to gather required information more easily.

Quality Maturity Model

Every semiconductor company has an extensive supply chain.  However, the quality maturity level can vary greatly between suppliers.  The Quality team is defining a Quality Maturity Model, based on the Capability Maturity Model Index, to help evaluate current and potential supplier’s quality. Contact for details or to participate.

Known Good Die
A critical aspect of successfully integrating silicon from multiple sources into a 3D-IC package is the quality of each die.  Can each die be guaranteed to perform as expected when received, when integrated into a 3D stack, and when shipped to the customer?  We intend to generate a best practices checklist, providing insight and guidance for both the producers and consumers of KGD.  To participate in this project, please contact the GSA Director of Technology.