Every year or so, GSA and McKinsey consult with the EMEA Leadership Council and select GSA members to pick an automotive-related topic to be developed as a GSA-McKinsey collaboration “project.”

The project’s topic is chosen based on its importance to the automotive industry, as well as its relevance to the semiconductor ecosystem that supports it.

Collaboration projects previously developed include:

  • Semiconductors for the Autonomous Age (2021)
  • Cybersecurity in Automotive (2020)
  • Automotive software and electronics 2030 (2019)
  • Rethinking car software and electronics architecture (2018)

Each collaboration project entails a specific project deliverable (a final written report or article), but great value also comes to members through active participation in the knowledge input process: a series of interviews, active workshops and surveys with many industry players / GSA members, plus desk research and market modeling by McKinsey. Project steering is done by the GSA EMEA Leadership Council.

As for the current collaboration project (“Semiconductors for the Autonomous Age”) the main steps include:

  • a series of 1:1 interviews carried out in December
  • a very well attended active workshop that took place on Feb 11
  • a dedicated automotive event (planned for May 10) where, among other senior speakers, we will also present the intermediate project results
  • The European Executive Forum, our flagship European event where, among other topics, we will present the final project results and distribute to GSA members the final project deliverable as a written report/article

Please contact automotive@gsaglobal.org for more information or to join this Interest Group. Check out our automotive website for participants, events and more information.