Paul Wells, CEO of SureCore talks to Nick Flaherty about the recent technology advancements in SRAM memory and the business in China.
SureCore has developed PowerMiser Plus which takes the SRAM voltage below 0.5V for the first time and one of the first customers is a Chinese company for an edge AI chip design.

Despite concerns over global trade wars and security, the Chinese market is vital for the business, he says.

“About 75% of our business is with Chinese companies,” he tells eeNews Europe. “My view is there’s a lot of panicking that the Chinese economy will transcend that of the US and the West doesn’t really like that. So they are trying to hold the Chinese economy back but that is doomed to failure as they have so many STEM graduates. For semiconductors the future is in Asia, it’s as simple as that.”

“There isn’t the same level of design activity in the West – we do have some customers in US and Europe but it’s the Chinese that are jumping ahead with what they want to achieve in cutting power budgets and this is our sweet spot, and we have been banging that drum for ten years,” he said.

“It’s great working with the Chinese as they are very open but you have to jump through lots of hoops, give lots of technical information and if you get through the technical due diligence there’s usually a purchase order at the end of it.”