San Jose, CA, 03/19/2024 – Cycuity, an innovator of semiconductor security solutions, has introduced comprehensive new features for its Radix technology, including advanced security analysis and design exploration capabilities, schematic visualizations, and guided security workflows. These advancements not only enrich its functionality, but also improve its performance and usability, making it an even more effective tool for companies seeking to detect and remediate security vulnerabilities in their chip designs.
The implementation of robust hardware security practices is growing ever more vital to protect both the interests of manufacturers and privacy and security of end users. These advancements, developed as the result of ongoing feedback from Cycuity’s customers and partners who use Radix, will enable in-depth security analysis and accelerate vulnerability detection to ensure hardware security is an integral aspect of chip design and development.
The next generation of Radix for hardware security assurance offers:
Security Function Exploration – An unmatched capability to explore and understand the behavior of security functions allows teams to gain insights and build confidence that extends beyond simple pass/fail security rule verification.
Advanced Analysis Capabilities – Security weaknesses can be quickly pinpointed and evaluated, along with effective methods for their mitigation.
Performance Optimization – A simplified setup process coupled with a new visual interface, tailored for intuitive use, improves productivity and efficiency.
Quantifiable Security Verification Coverage – A coverage metric for hardware security provides a quantifiable way to understand the completeness and efficacy of security verification and will let users understand where additional security testing is needed to improve their confidence.
"Semiconductors power the technologies we rely on each day, and it's imperative that we remain proactive in identifying hardware vulnerabilities," said Andreas Kuehlmann, CEO of Cycuity. "In the last few years, chip security went from something that’s nice to have to a must- have. We're continually learning from customers who are leveraging Radix to ensure that our technology keeps evolving as a comprehensive, user-friendly solution that can help quickly and efficiently secure hardware systems against evolving threats."

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