Get to Know the CEO showcases some of the faces of our member companies, what they’re working on outside of work and the wisdom they have to impart on others in the industry. This month we interviewed Gopi Sirineni, President & CEO, Axiado Corporation.


What would you consider a defining moment in your career?

From a technology standpoint, when I was at Qualcomm we solved a wireless problem that has led to the expansion of Bluetooth-enabled devices and the development of the security-rich WiFi Mesh network for the Internet of Things. It’s an innovation that has carved out its own market and been essential to the growth of the remote-work lifestyle. At Axiado, we managed to close our Series B funding oversubscribed during the pandemic. That was a big achievement. We are now getting ready to release to the market our first chip, a security processor with AI called the TCU (trusted control/management unit). To me that will be one of the most significant moments of my career.

What’s the best advice you’ve received (can be about work, tech, personal)? 

When I began to take on leadership roles in my career, Sehat Sutardja, the co-founder and former CEO of Marvell, gave me advice about how to build an effective team. He showed me how to treat people genuinely and make them feel as if they are part of your family. You take care of your team, and they will work with you toward achieving your vision.

What are the strongest qualities you’ve seen in leaders and how do those qualities translate into success?

Beyond making sure your team feels fulfilled in their roles, it’s important to have a focused vision, especially in a small or emerging company. You have to have strong problem-solving abilities and be laser-focused on identifying the key metrics that will lead to success and then keep your team motivated and equipped to hit your most important targets.

What is your vision for your company in the next 3 (or 5) years? 

At Axiado, we are focused on addressing the immense need for better cybersecurity. Protecting the digital world and bringing peace of mind to the users of everyday technology is what we strive to do. Our innovations are designed around novel AI-driven hardware solutions that will enter the marketplace at a time when they’re desperately needed.

What hobbies do you participate in outside of work, i.e. what do you do for fun or in your down-time? 

I love painting and adrenaline sports: motorsports, dirtbiking, paragliding, diving and bungee jumping top the list. I have also coached kids in the National Junior Basketball League. We competed at the national level and won two regional championships. Playing a role in young people’s growth, maturity and drive to succeed is highly satisfying.



Gopi Sirineni is the President & CEO of Axiado, spearheading transformative security technologies with AI in hardware. He is a Silicon Valley veteran with over 25 years of successes in the semiconductor, software and systems industries. His career highlights include executive positions at Marvell Semiconductor, AppliedMicro, Cloud Grapes, and Ubicom that was acquired by Qualcomm under his direction. Before joining Axiado, Gopi spent eight years as a vice president of Qualcomm’s Wired/Wireless Infrastructure business unit, where he developed a market-dominating technology Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi SON, and his pioneering foresight into distributed mesh technology created the connected, AI-based home market segment. Gopi has contributed to both Ethernet and Wi-Fi standards and chaired IEEE Project Authorization Requests (PARs).


Axiado is a cybersecurity semiconductor company deploying a novel, AI-driven approach to platform security against ransomware, supply chain attacks, side-channel attacks and many more in the growing ecosystem of cloud data centers, 5G networks and other disaggregated compute networks.