With IC foundry capacity playing a greater role in the health, wealth and well-being of the semiconductor business model, industry managers and the investment community must stay on top of trends and global market conditions in this expanding segment of contract manufacturing.

To help put essential foundry information at the fingertips of those who need it the most, GSA and IC Insights have joined forces to produce The IC Foundry Almanac, a concise annual reference book for foundry segment analysis, five-year forecasts, wafer and mask set pricing information, and foundry company profile data. The partnership combines IC Insights’ analysis of market growth and capacity trends with GSA’s analysis of wafer and mask set pricing data and extensive database of IC foundry service provider profiles.

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2020 IC Foundry Almanac Highlights

Foundry Segment Analysis

  • IC Foundry Industry
  • IC Foundry Sales
  • IC Foundry Capacity & Capital Spending

Wafer Fabrication Pricing, Mask Set Pricing, & Capacity Trends

  • Wafer Fabrication and Mask Set Pricing Trends
  • Additional Purchase Details
  • Capacity Trends

IC Foundry Service Provider Company Profiles

An Excel spreadsheet which includes the following information for the top 20 IC foundry service companies:

  • Company Contact Information
  • Public/Private
  • Stock Exchange/Ticker
  • Year Founded
  • Number of Employees
  • Fab Details: Name, Location, Processes, Process Geometries, Wafer Sizes

Purchase the 2020 Edition.