“A start-up doesn’t have the time or money to make mistakes.”

Patricia Fermín de Moreno, CSO, and Danny Moreno, CEO of Wiyo, a Spanish Internet of things (IoT) start-up that created an intelligent tag to enable simple and efficient solutions in the world of automatic identification and data capture. IMEC talked to its founders about their journey and the importance of ASICs.

Patricia Fermín de Moreno, the mind behind Wiyo’s business strategy, explains how their solution works: “When you put a Wiyo in any object or physical element, you can immediately interact with, sense, and follow that object in real time – regardless of whether it’s moving or stable. Consider it an RTLS (real-time location system) and IoE (Internet of Everything) solution without a battery and with no dedicated readers. Any generic Wi-Fi source is able to power and enable the interaction.”

The solution has countless possibilities: “Our system is not only cutting-edge, but also cross-cutting: lots of industries can take advantage of it. Any sector that uses the word ‘smart’ can integrate Wiyo. For example: smart hospitals, smart stores, smart food deliveries, Industry 4.0 from A to Z, … At the beginning, we focused mainly on healthcare, as this industry is looking for digitalization options and we can enable a complete 4.0 experience there.”

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