SPARK’s UWB technology provides high-quality uncompressed audio delivery for Sonus faber Duetto Stereo wireless speaker system

Montreal, Canada, October 5, 2023 – SPARK Microsystems, a Canadian fabless semiconductor company specializing in next-generation short-range wireless communications, today announced Italian speaker manufacturer Sonus faber has chosen SPARK’s UWB technology for its Duetto wireless speaker system. SPARK’s UWB technology enables low latency data transmission from wired to wireless speakers, allowing Sonus faber to deliver a high-quality, uncompressed audio performance that can’t be achieved with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Sonus faber’s new Duetto speaker system enables customers to enjoy their Duetto streaming home audio system with the satellite speaker of the stereo pair being connected to the main unit using the SPARK UWB-based solution. The system supports a range up to 8 meters for unfettered placement/positioning flexibility with no compromises in audio performance. The system, certified by ETSI and the Federal Communications Commission, enables customers to enjoy high precision wireless connectivity between speakers, maximizing placement options whilst enjoying market leading functionality and integration of music services and connectivity.

“Sonus faber’s Duetto speaker system demonstrates the market’s evolutionary shift to true wireless audio that delivers premium sound without the wires,” said Julie Delamarre, SPARK Microsystems, Vice President of EMEA Sales. “The Duetto speaker system is based on SPARK’s UWB technology that enables low latency, deterministic, low power, and high-speed data transport, allowing Sonus faber to deliver uncompressed audio across wirelessly-linked speakers – an industry first achievement.”

The ultra-low power, low latency and high-throughput SPARK UWB wireless transceiver enables a new class of short-range wireless connectivity for premium audio applications. Offering higher data rates and better robustness than other short-range wireless solutions – with extreme low latency that can’t be matched with Bluetooth or WiFi – SPARK UWB enables high fidelity uncompressed audio for a richer, more immersive audio experience.

“SPARK’s UWB technology was chosen for the Duetto speaker system because of its capabilities to deliver uncompressed audio wirelessly with no latency, variability or bandwidth concerns,” said Livio Cucuzza, Chief Design Officer, Sonus faber. “These capabilities will give our customers a superior experience because they can enjoy audio as it was originally intended by the artists themselves, with the flexibility of wireless pairing between speakers.”

About Sonus faber

Sonus faber is a designer and manufacturer of high-end audio technology, founded in 1983 in Italy’s Veneto region, world-renowned for luxury goods manufacturing. Latin for “Artisan of Sound”, Sonus faber expertly informs their state-of-the-art audio engineering with the traditions of Italian design expertise, hand-producing speakers with design cues inspired by centuries of musical instruments, crafted from organic materials such as wood and leather to reproduce sound as the artist intended. Marrying the artisanal beauty of the past with the technology of the future, Sonus faber audio systems deliver natural, immersive, three-dimensional sound from beautiful, hand-designed speakers built to last for decades. For more information, please visit

About SPARK Microsystems

SPARK Microsystems is building next generation short-range wireless communication devices. SPARK UWB provides high data rate and very low latency wireless communication links at an ultra-low power profile, making it ideal for personal area networks (PANs) used in mobile, consumer and IoT-connected products. Leveraging patented technologies, SPARK Microsystems strives to minimize and ultimately eliminate wires and batteries from a wide range of applications. For more information, please visit

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