Semiconductor Industry Outlook

Accelerating AI-Defined Cars

Convergence of Edge Computing, Machine Vision and 5G-Connected Vehicles Manouchehr Rafie, Ph.D., VP of Advanced Technologies, AI Chips & Algorithms, Gyrfalcon Technology Today’s societies Read More..

Accelerating AI-Defined Cars2023-02-24T16:51:08-06:00

The Future of Chip Design

Paper Submitted by Bipul Talukdar, Director of Applications Engineering in North America, SmartDV   The future of chip design in a few short years Read More..

The Future of Chip Design2023-02-24T20:15:43-06:00

The Price We Pay for Faults

Paper Submitted by Marc Witteman, CEO, Riscure Abstract Hardware Fault Attacks can break software security by revealing secrets during program execution, or changing the Read More..

The Price We Pay for Faults2023-02-24T20:17:30-06:00
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