IC Foundry Almanac

With IC foundry capacity playing a greater role in the health, wealth and well-being of the semiconductor business model, industry managers and the investment community must stay on top of trends and global market conditions in this expanding segment of contract manufacturing. Read More

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Wafer Fabrication & Assembly Pricing

Wafer & Assembly Pricing Surveys and Reports are based on data gathered directly from participating semiconductor companies. The data is collected confidentially and tabulated in aggregate to provide benchmark data for pricing trends and cost estimations. The online survey is continuously updated to reflect new technology nodes and trends. NOTE: Companies participating in the Wafer Fabrication & Assembly Pricing Survey will receive a complimentary copy of the reports below. If you are a fabless company or an IDM that is purchasing wafers directly from an established foundry relationship, outsourcing assembly services and is interested in participating, contact Shungo Saito. Wafer Fabrication Read More

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Technical Resources

Mixed Signal PDK Quality Checklist Completed by the process design kit (PDK) developer and delivered with each new release of an mixed-signal PDK, this document provides a better understanding of the source data, completeness and quality of the PDK before it is used to design ICs or modified to fit into in-house design flow.  The Checklist Users Guide has been combined with the checklist, in Version 4.0 (July 2013) Download Supply Chain Merger & Acquisition and Integration Due Diligence The Supply Chain Merger & Acquisition and Integration Due Diligence Checklist defines a broad spectrum of items to be addressed by supply chain management Read More

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