CEO Interview – Gopi Sirineni, Axiado Corporation

Gopi Sirineni | CEO | Axiado Corporation Gopi Sirineni is the thrill-seeking CEO of Axiado, an A.I.-driven cybersecurity processor company headquartered in Silicon Valley. As evidenced by his successful career in high tech, Sirineni is constantly seeking innovation and chasing to forge new markets. He can grow ambitious projects into successes within established multinational corporations as well as while leading a pre-revenue startup. At Axiado, Sirineni is aiming to create a market for a technology with the promise to thwart cybercrime and make the transmission of data far safer. After joining the company in April 2020, Sirineni was tasked with raising Read More

CEO Interview – Gopi Sirineni, Axiado Corporation2023-02-24T16:56:35-06:00

CEO Interview – Scott White, PragmatIC Semiconductor

Scott White | CEO | PragmatIC Semiconductor Scott White, CEO at PragmatIC Semiconductor, has often been referred to as a serial entrepreneur. Not surprising really since in addition to PragmatIC, a pioneering flexible electronics company headquartered in Cambridge, UK, he has built and sold five other technology businesses, living and working across the globe. In this interview Scott outlines some of the challenges and opportunities he sees for the semiconductor industry. Tell us a bit about your background. It sounds like you have travelled around quite a bit! Yes - I grew up in Australia, but I have been lucky Read More

CEO Interview – Scott White, PragmatIC Semiconductor2023-02-24T16:58:18-06:00

CEO Interview – Roy Jewell, Palma Ceia

Roy Jewell | Founder and CEO | Palma Ceia SemiDesign Life often comes full circle. The same can be said of careers. And that’s been the case for Roy Jewell, founder and CEO of Palma Ceia SemiDesign, an up-and-coming startup to watch. He began his professional life at one of the world’s largest semiconductor companies and now, more than three decades later, he is back in semis, leading a startup on the verge of releasing its first chips. In between he left semis, moved to Silicon Valley and took two companies public on Nasdaq. In this interview Roy shares some Read More

CEO Interview – Roy Jewell, Palma Ceia2023-02-24T16:58:06-06:00

CEO Interview – Amin Shokrollahi, Kandou

Amin Shokrollahi | Founder and CEO | Kandou Amin Shokrollahi is CEO and founder of Kandou from Lausanne, Switzerland, one of our newest members and a company developing high-speed, energy efficient, chip-to-chip link solutions. In other words, Kandou keeps consumers connected. A featured speaker at the recent GSA Entrepreneurial Conference, Amin detailed his multi-cultural background and his move from academia to industry and entrepreneurship. He furthered his understanding of business and the electronics/semiconductor industry at Digital Fountain, now part of Qualcomm, where he worked to commercialize Raptor Codes, a method of transmitting data over massively impaired network connections. He continues Read More

CEO Interview – Amin Shokrollahi, Kandou2023-02-24T16:56:09-06:00

CEO Interviews – Tim Ramsdale, Agile Analog

Third-party analog IP: why the market functions poorly for customers and suppliers – and how to fix it     Tim Ramsdale | CEO | Agile Analog     GSA Forum has been in virtual conversation with Tim Ramsdale, CEO of Agile Analog, a Cambridge, UK-based supplier of analog IP which implements functions in domains such as security, audio, signal conditioning, temperature sensing, data conversion, and power regulation. Agile Analog has adopted a distinctly different approach to the provision of analog IP from the conventional offering of standard IP products available from established IP vendors. Tim’s background leading teams developing Read More

CEO Interviews – Tim Ramsdale, Agile Analog2023-02-24T16:58:48-06:00

CEO Interviews – Pim Tuyls, Intrinsic ID

Pim Tuyls | CEO and Founder | Intrinsic ID     Summary With rise of the internet of things (IoT), IoT-related security issues have also risen. Several high-profile breaches of IoT devices has made it clear that security needs to be embedded in chip hardware, protecting each endpoint. To make security part of the chip design from the beginning, the onus for security must shift from the OEMs making the IoT devices to the semiconductor manufacturers who make the chips. In this interview with Intrinsic IDCEO Pim Tuyls, he explains some of the complexities behind this shift and what solutions Read More

CEO Interviews – Pim Tuyls, Intrinsic ID2023-02-24T16:58:41-06:00

CEO Interviews – Dr. Ron Black, Imagination Technologies

Dr. Ron Black CEO, Imagination Technologies You’ve been with Imagination for just over three months, what is your vision for Imagination going forward? Imagination is an iconic company that led the way in low-power, high-performance graphics and parlayed a great customer experience in that area into a broader IP supplier relationship across connectivity and now neural network acceleration too. I must admit that the ups and downs in our customer’s strategies did distract us a bit, but I am happy to report that we are not only back on track, but things are exceeding my expectations. This is a company Read More

CEO Interviews – Dr. Ron Black, Imagination Technologies2023-02-24T16:58:32-06:00

CEO Interview – Paul Boudre, Chief Executive Officer, Soitec

Why does Soitec have a unique position in the industry? Over the last few years, Soitec has built an organization capable of elevating itself in the value chain, learning what the end customer road map is and working with our customers’ customers to enable options and technical solutions. We are working with the entire ecosystem. We want to understand the issues that companies are trying to address in their roadmaps such as performance, power consumption and reliability. This will allow us to develop the materials and solutions that will be integrated into their final products. There is a strong interdependence Read More

CEO Interview – Paul Boudre, Chief Executive Officer, Soitec2023-02-24T16:57:03-06:00

CEO Interview – Russ Garcia, CEO of Menlo Micro

Where did the idea of the Digital Micro Switch technology come from? Our lineage of innovation & entrepreneurship starts with the "Wizard of Menlo Park" himself, Thomas A. Edison. Born out of a decade-long effort at General Electric's Global Research Center, Menlo Micro is bringing to the market a series of technology innovations that have enabled us to reinvent one of the most essential and fundamental building blocks required for nearly every electronic system imaginable, the electronic switch. This was born from a vision to provide programmable, remotely controllable relays to substantially enhance energy management and electrification in a great Read More

CEO Interview – Russ Garcia, CEO of Menlo Micro2023-02-24T16:58:12-06:00

CEO Interview – Dr. Naveen Rao, Nervana Systems

Dr. Naveen Rao CEO & Co-founder, Nervana Systems I’d like to start with an introduction of yourself and your educational and professional background. I’ve been thinking about artificial intelligence for a long time. I used to read a lot of Asimov and Arthur C. Clarke. It worked out in my favor that the big sci-fi trends in the mid 80’s/early 90’s seemed to all be centered around AI! This curiosity lead me to Duke University where I graduated with degrees in both computer science and electrical engineering with many classes in philosophy. During my undergrad years, I worked on neuromorphic circuits, which are Read More

CEO Interview – Dr. Naveen Rao, Nervana Systems2023-02-24T16:56:22-06:00